Aptitude Tests Of Learners

To assist parents and provide guidance regarding their academic choices for a learner, several testings that will benefit the candidate should take place. There are different types of testing for the learner to participate in, namely Interest Test, Study Orientation Test and the National Curriculum Assessment Test.

Interest Test:

Here we test the learner’s interests of different areas in respect of possible career choices. The test also helps to guide the learner when choosing the correct subjects for Grade 10-12. You receive a report on the three predominant areas of interest, as well as possible careers in the fields of interest.

Study Orientation Test:

Here the learner’s orientation towards his/her studies is tested. The following areas are looked at: study attitudes, -habits, -environment and study anxiety; problem solving ability and information processing ability. A variety of possible problem areas can be identified as a result from the test.

National Curriculum Assessment Test (NCA):

This test is based on the basic minimum standards of the National Curriculum. The test is already based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The following subjects are evaluated: English Home Language, Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal, Mathematics, Life orientation, Natural Sciences: (Physical- and Life Sciences), Social Sciences: (History and Geography), and Technology: (Grade 4-9 – part of Natural Sciences, Grade 10-12 – Civil -, Mechanical - and Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design). The test is compiled and marked by an independent organisation. The learner receives an extensive report on the outcome of the test.

If you are interested in the difference tests for the learner, please contact Neels Beyers at: 012 654 6882, or by e-mail to neels.beyers@impak.co.za for further information, or to schedule an appointment.